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Happy Doctor Podcast

I am so at peace with everything I am doing, there is no price tag for that.

Dr. Lisa Splittstoesser is an Internal Medicine Specialist on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. She utilizes integrative, lifestyle-based medicine in her clinical care. She owns her own clinic and is truly happy, being able to work in a way that is congruent with her values as a doctor, and a human being. She sees patients for up to an hour-and-a-half and much of her work time is spent with complete face-time with the patient. She has created a welcoming environment for her and her patients to not only get treated, but even more importantly, to heal.

Listen to this inspirational happy doctor describe her journey, her views on changing the healthcare system, and much more! Great conversation and many great points! Some of the conversation includes:

  1. Why Lisa switched out of main-stream or “treadmill” medicine

  2. The difficulties financially and psychologically of transitioning into her own authentic practice

  3. Lisa’s view on changing healthcare and making it a more positive environment.

  4. The need to search for the Root-cause of disease rather than just looking at symptoms

  5. And much more…

note: I apologize for some of the background noise in the audio!

Visit for more podcasts from other Doctors trying to change the world.

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