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Frequently asked questions

  • What are Dr. Lisa’s credentials?
    Doctorate of medicine (M.D.) University of Hawaii, John A. Burns School of Medicine, 1999, Internal Medicine Residency University of Hawaii, 2002, Board Certified Internal Medicine ABIM 2003 and 2013, Board Certified Integrative Medicine ABOIM 2017.
  • What is Dr. Lisa’s work experience?
    Dr. Lisa worked in a private practice in California from 2003-2007 before returning to Hawaii. She worked at Kaua’I Medical Clinic’s Primary Care Department from 2007 until 2014. She had a private practice on Kaua’I from 2014 – 2022 (focusing on primary care/integrative medicine).
  • What is Dr. Lisa offering for her services?
    She will be offering one-on-one video consultations for a variety of symptoms, diseases, and optimal living based on her background in both conventional medicine and integrative medicine, focusing mainly on lifestyle medicine (eg nutrition, movement, mind/body practices, sleep, supplements).
  • Will Dr. Lisa be my primary care doctor?
    No. Dr. Lisa will be willing to work alongside your primary care doctor as a consultant only making only recommendations.
  • What patients would be eligible for her services?
    Any Hawaii resident aged 15 and above. In the future, she may open her services to other US residents.
  • Will Dr. Lisa accept insurance?
    Yes. She will contract Medicare and Medicare secondary plans, HMSA, and UHA. For other insurance coverage, she will discuss other options for billing and payments with you.
  • Will Dr. Lisa prescribe medication?
    No. All medications would need to be prescribed by the patient’s primary care doctor.
  • Will Dr. Lisa order lab tests and will these be covered by my insurance?
    In some circumstances, Dr. Lisa may order tests that the primary care doctor is not familiar with or does not feel comfortable ordering. Most of the tests that are not ordered through specialty labs are covered by insurance, but the patient would be responsible for checking with insurance in this matter.
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