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Dr. Lisa Splittstoesser
Kauai, Hawaii

Aloha and welcome to Bowl of Light Health! I am Dr. Lisa Splittstoesser (affectionately known as “Dr. Lisa”), board certified in Internal Medicine and Integrative Medicine. I will be offering personal online video consultations for patients interested in preventing, managing, and reversing a variety of diseases. My strength and knowledge arise from 2 decades of working as a primary care physician. The last 10 years have focused on a collaboration with patients to find the root causes of their illnesses. Through changes in areas like diet, activity, sleep patterns, toxin exposure, and mind/body practices, I have guided patients to more optimal health. At the same time, my expertise in conventional medicine helps patients safely navigate pharmaceutical choices, surgical options and imaging studies which may also be helpful at times.


The initial consultation will begin with an interview and review of my Comprehensive Wellness Intake form that each patient will fill out ahead of time. This will be the springboard for working towards each patient’s goals in their journey to more optimal health. Along our journey together, I will make recommendations based on each person’s level of motivation, current issues, disease, symptoms, and other factors. My philosophy is that each person has a unique set of genetics, family history, current and past circumstances all of which shape a patient’s condition. Looking at all these factors, I individualize plans and offer as much follow-up as each patient desires. Making changes in one’s habits is not an easy task! For some, it may take a few weeks and for others, it may take years. I have told many of my patients that the important thing is moving in the right direction, no matter what the pace.


I will initially be offering my services to patients in Hawaii but may expand to other parts of the United States as my business grows. I am so excited to offer these services! If you or someone you love, think you may benefit from my expertise, call my office at (808)822-4844. Please also reference FAQs on my website as this may answer questions which may arise after reading this.

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Ancient Sanskrit text on medicine

“A person whose basic emotional and physical tendencies are in balance, whose digestive power is balanced, whose bodily tissues, elimination functions and activities are in balance, and whose mind, senses, and soul are filled with vitality, that person is said to be healthy”
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